Our Dedicated Co-Workers at Sainte-Justine

Many people on staff at Sainte-Justine consider that contributing to the hospital is as important as drawing a paycheque. Moved by the profound desire to go over and above their already challenging workload, they see this commitment as a way of life. Our hats go off to all these individuals who, together, are the very soul of Sainte-Justine. Their positive energy and community spirit can be felt throughout the hospital.


Sainte-Justine au Coeur du Monde

For healthy little hearts, here and around the world

For the dedicated team of physicians, paramedical specialists and volunteers at Sainte-Justine au Coeur du Monde, illness has no borders. All children, no matter what hemisphere they are born in, should have the same chances to live a full, healthy life.

Initiated by cardiologist Dr. Joaquim Miró and cardiologist and heart surgeon Dr. Nancy Poirier in 2006, the 13 missions run by Sainte-Justine au Coeur du Monde have thus far made it possible to treat over 750 tiny patients with heart defects in Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia.

These humanitarian volunteer endeavours are made possible by the proceeds of the annual Sainte-Justine au Coeur du Monde benefit. Nearly $108,000 poured in for the initiative’s 10th anniversary. This will be vital to the 2015 mission to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Congratulations and thank you to all these wonderful individuals, the people who support them and everybody who believes that children everywhere deserve a “heart-healthy” future.

Our Physicians and Academic Funds

Did you know that the doctors at Sainte-Justine are not only dedicated professionals, they are also among the Foundation’s biggest donors?

Since 1998, more than 300 of Sainte-Justine’s physicians have made over $14 million in personal donations to the academic funds linked to their respective disciplines.

These funds have been used to create 400 grants to allow recipients to further specialize in their field and make ongoing advances in pediatric medicine in the years to come.

This is an initiative unlike any other and an incredible show of solidarity, which is underscored annually at the Merci au savoir d’ici et d’ailleurs event.

This year’s event, held in November, was also an opportunity to celebrate the creation of an academic fund for the department of surgery – the 28th fund created to date.

Thank you to our esteemed colleagues for going the extra mile to support the acquisition and transfer of knowledge.

Lucie Ferland

Our Professionals at Sainte-Justine

To say Lucie Ferland is dedicated to Sainte-Justine is a gross understatement. Her generosity knows no bounds. She has worked as a clinical nurse at the hospital for 30 years and has been giving to the Foundation since 1991 – and she knows first-hand how much of a difference her donations can make.

After spending several years in the neonatal unit and the OR, her job is now to assist with minor surgical procedures, which she does more than 1,200 times a year. She loves making the experience as human as possible – she sings, plays music, tells jokes… anything to distract and console her young patients.

Lucie is also a member of the Mission Sourires d’Afrique humanitarian team. After 9 missions (4 to Africa and 5 to Haiti), she is as passionate as ever about children, her nursing career and the importance of paying it forward.

Thank you, Lucie, for everything you are and everything you do!

BoBeau Coeur Fund

“One sick little heart treated today means several healthy lives tomorrow”

For the team working with pediatric cardiologist and researcher Dr. Nagib Dahdah, every sick little heart treated today represents hope for several healthy lives in the future. And one of the keys to this hope is research.  

That is why he, his fellow team members and other partners set up Fonds BoBeau Coeur for clinical research into pediatric cardiology at Sainte-Justine. The aim of the fund is to provide research funding, to ensure the ongoing advancement of clinical research and, ultimately, to change and save lives. Their first gala fundraiser took place on October 29, 2015, at Hôtel Le Crystal in downtown Montreal, raising an impressive amount of $220,000!

Thank you to the entire team at Fonds BoBeau Coeur, as well as all volunteers, donors and partners for doing their part to promote research and make it possible to keep finding better ways to heal more children and continuously improve the quality of patient care.